Electrical Lighting in Moorpark

Common Problems with Electrical Lighting in Moorpark

Electrical problems in your home are always a headache. They are tricky because they aren’t always easy to pinpoint. There are so many connections within a residential wiring system that it is difficult to know to start to look. Another problem is that it is now against the law to touch your electrical system unless you are a qualified electrician. Some problems are more serious than others, but with electricity, all issues should be taken seriously until proven otherwise. Fortunately, experienced electricians can quickly track down the source of the problem with your wiring and fix it to your satisfaction. We at Dales Simi Valley would like to list the common issue you may find in electrical lighting in Moorpark.

Loose Connections

Many lighting problems can be as simple as loose connections. Although electrical fittings are supposed to be static, they can suffer from tiny vibrations due to the energy constantly going through them. These are usually signaled by flickering lights every time you turn them on and off. Connections can become loose over time simply because of use. Screws that haven’t been properly tightened can lead to this as well. Also, worn-out contacts in your lighting fixtures can cause flickering. Low-quality light bulbs are another reason as is the overloading of circuits.

Excessive Wattage Can Lead To Problems

Many times this is due to the bulbs you are using. There is a maximum wattage rating that fixtures can take. Sometimes when you use higher wattage bulbs than necessary it can lead to the overheating of a lighting fixture which puts a strain on the wiring system.

Electrical Lighting in Moorpark

Short Circuit  

Frequently blown fuses or circuit tripping usually means that you have a short circuit within your electrical system. This is due to current overloading. To check for a short circuit, turn off the circuit breaker and then unplug every appliance. Switch it back on again. If it trips again, then the problem is within your wiring system. If not, the fault is probably one of your appliances. Plug them in again one by one to find out which one it is. Many extension cords or appliance cords have built-in fuses. If the fuses continue to blow, then the cord is at fault.

Funny Smells

Burning smells that don’t come from the kitchen are a sure sign that you have a problem. This is usually due to a short circuit or that the insulation on the wires is becoming too hot and is melting. This is a definite safety risk and potential fire hazard. If this happens turn everything off and call an electrician. Arcing is another source of burning odors. It is more likely to occur in older buildings with old, outdated wiring systems. This can be very dangerous.

Qualified Electricians

Above are some of the common issues that people have with electrical lighting in Moorpark. If you have any of these problems don’t attempt to fix them yourself. Call a qualified electrician. We at Dales Simi Electric have had much experience in all of the above and many more, so don’t hesitate to contact us through our website for help.