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Electrical Safety Tips from a Licensed Local Electrician

It only takes one spark and a supporting environment to start a massive electrical fire , and that fire only needs a few minutes to destroy your home and family. The United States record hundreds of electricity-caused household fires every year, so yes, it’s a real problem, and you and your family are highly potential victims.
Safety Tips from a Licensed Local Electrician

Promote electrical safety in your home? Tips from an expert

  • Replace your damaged electrical cords immediately if you find them loose, cracking, getting kinked, cracked or broken.
  • Keep your extension cords where you can see them, not under the carpet or behind the wall. That way, it’s easy to avoid damaging them and to see them when they are damaged.
  • If you have many appliances and not enough cable holes, don’t use too many extension cables. Call an electrician to get it fixed, by adding circuits where possible. Overloading your electric outlets is dangerous and can lead to an explosion.
  • Keep children away from electrical appliances, especially wall sockets and any open or broken wires and cords. Also, unplug any appliances currently not in use from the wall socket and keep them away from kids or pets.
  • Don’t try to fix every faulty electrical appliance yourself. Electric shocks are real and deadly. Only fix those whose manual allows anyone to fix the appliance and then call for electrical experts like Dales Valley Electric to fix the rest.
  • Do not keep electrical appliances too close to each other in a room when they’re in use. Most electrical appliances, including televisions, computers, microwaves (especially the older ones) always generate heat during use (and mostly after extended use), so they all need as much air circulation as they can get or else you risk a giant explosion. Also, keep rooms open when the appliances are in use, for proper circulation.
  • Keep all household electrical appliances away from water. Whether they’re functional or damaged, in use or not, do not bring them near water at all. Accidents happen, such as a microwave sliding into a sink full of water and causing a fire, so keep water away.
  • Do not try to modify your electrical cords in any way because it can be dangerous. Avoid forcing prongs into small, inappropriate socket holes, or thinning them so they can fit.
  • Buy electrical devices from brands that have been certified and marked as ready and fit for use. There are lots of electrical brands on the market, some of which generate the faulty, counterfeit electrical appliances that cause fires. Verify their brand and business online before you buy.
  • Always call a licensed electrician to fix your home’s problems.

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