Your Electrical Contractor in Simi Valley

The Expertise of an Electrical Contractor in Simi Valley

Whether we are talking about your home or your business, electricity is one of those areas that you never want to skimp on or take chances with. It is important that your electrical work function safely and correctly at all times so that you get the best performance and do not have to worry about any potential hazards. It is natural that there will be times when you have issues or times when you want to make changes or renovations, and electrical work is involved. At times like this, it is important that you can get an electrical contractor in Simi Valley with expertise and experience like we have at Simi Valley Electric.

Handling Your Residential Electrical Needs

The needs of a homeowner can vary greatly when it comes to electrical work. You may have intermittent problems with a particular outlet in your home or with light fixtures. It could be that you are putting an addition on your home and need new wiring, new breakers or a new fuse panel. Perhaps you purchased some new appliances for your home and want to make sure they get installed correctly and get the power they need to function correctly. As an experienced electrical contractor, we can perform all these tasks for you with the level of care that you need.

Electrical Help with Your Business

As an experienced electrical contractor in Simi Valley, we have worked with countless commercial properties to provide them with the electrical repairs, installations, and troubleshooting that they needed. We can do everything you need, from installing new lighting fixtures or security cameras to fixing and repairing any code violations that may exist, to replacing electrical meters and breakers for you so that you have the proper electrical service you need to run your business.

The Electrical Contractor to Call in the Area

When you need an electrical contractor in Simi Valley, please take the time to call us at Simi Valley Electric so we can assist you. We have worked in the region for over fifty years and have helped thousands of residential and commercial customers in the region with all electrical issues and projects. You can contact our office at 805-387- 2707, and we can arrange a service call for you so we can come to you, discuss your needs, and provide you with a free estimate for the work needed.