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Home Electrical Safety Tips for Seniors by Simi Valley Electrician

Often, seniors are dependent on other people for their care and safety. As the years pass by, they rely increasingly on their caregivers or children. Additionally, safety issues also become a major concern. Sometimes, they overlook fire prevention and hazards associated with electrical devices around their home. Adults who are 65 and above are at the greatest risk of injury or death, caused by fire and the risk increases with age. You can avert this danger by following these electrical safety tips from a Simi Valley Electrician.

Be careful with outlets and extension cords

Firstly, each outlet in a home delivers a specific amount of electricity; and by plugging too many appliances all at once in a single electrical outlet, you might cause a minor explosion and worse, a fire. 

If you have many devices plugged in, it is recommended to use a power strip to safely accommodate your needs. Specifically, choose one that saves energy.

Another potential cause of accidents at home is extension cords that run throughout the house; as this might cause the elderly to trip. Without question, this can be very dangerous. 

As a result, damage can be done to the cord or outlets if the cord gets ripped off the wall. Therefore, if you use extension cords too often, it’s recommended to let an electrician from Simi Valley install extra outlets around your house.

Watch out for potential electrical issues

As a homeowner, you should pay more attention to warning signs of any electrical issue. Better still, you should contact a professional Simi Valley electrician if you notice such potential problems. For example, when touching electrical appliances, someone in your home may accidentally gets shocked.

Make sure to address recurring problems too. Circuit breaker trips, blown fuses, and sockets are examples of these. Those that make a crackling or buzzing noise indicates signs of danger. Also, check signals of electrical overload like dimming lights when one of your heating appliances runs.

Perform checks and have a Simi Valley electrician install safety measures

Keep the elderly safe by having a professional perform checks in your home. To make sure you’re handling the right breaker or fuse in an electrical panel, have the electrician label everything properly. When you replace fuses, use the correct amperage and size.

Use ground fault circuit interrupters for protection in spaces where electricity is close to a source of water – like the bathroom or kitchen. Regularly check your outlets, cords, appliances, and switches for any sign of damage. If possible, avoid using damaged electrical appliances.

Remind them that water and electricity don’t mix

Remind your elderly house members that water conducts electricity and even brief exposure to this can be very dangerous and might lead to serious injuries. Always make it a point to wipe up all spills to make sure that electrical device plugs don’t get wet.

Keep your seniors safe with our help

If you need the services of professional electricians to keep your seniors protected, contact us at Simi Valley Electrician. Our company has certified electricians with years of experience in dealing with any electrical problems. 

We’re all dedicated to reliability, quality, and safety. We offer a guarantee on all electrical projects we work on. You can reach us at (805) 870-9191 or online at Simi Valley Electrician for any electrical projects to ensure the safety of the elderly members in your family.