Does Your Home Electrical Wiring in Simi Valley Need an Upgrade?

It may start off as little things that you notice each day. Perhaps the lights in your dining room flicker or that one bulb in your chandelier always seems to go out quickly before the others. It could be you have problems with power every time you operate the toaster at the same time you are using the coffee maker. Maybe the problems are more obvious, and you see some sparks when you plug your hair dryer into the outlet in the bathroom. Any or all of these signs could be an indication of an electrical or wiring problem. If your home electrical wiring in Simi Valley is in need of an upgrade, you want to call us at Dales Valley Electric for help.

Wiring for the Modern Home

If you live in an older home or just recently purchased an older home, while the wiring may seem perfectly adequate to perform everyday tasks, there can be problems for you. Older homes are not equipped to handle the burden that modern appliances, lighting, and technology can impose on your system. Those intermittent problems you are having in your home can steadily become a regular problem for you if you do not address the problem.

Upgrading Your Wiring

Upgrading your electrical wiring in Simi Valley is something that we at Dales Valley Electric are glad to help you with. We can have one of our licensed, experienced electricians come out to your home to evaluate your current wiring. We can perform important testing on your system to see if it is up to current codes and if it can handle the load you need it to each day. When our evaluation is complete, we can then present our findings to you and make recommendations about upgrading wiring and your electrical panel so that your electrical work is more efficient, safer, and more reliable.

Stay Ahead of Potential Wiring Problems

It is always best to try to stay ahead of any potential wiring problems to help keep your home and family safe. If you would like an evaluation of your home electrical wiring in Simi Valley, give us a call at Dales Valley Electric at 805-387-2707, and we will arrange a service call for you. We can assist you with all your electrical needs to make sure your home’s wiring is at its best for you each day.