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How Surge Protectors Work – Guide by Simi Valley Local Electrician

In your home, you want to stop the occurrences of power surges as they damage anything that works on electricity. For this, you MUST hire a Simi Valley local electrician to install surge protectors in your main panel box, which is the heart of your home’s electrical system. 

simi valley local electrician

The primary purpose of a surge protector is to stop power or lightning surges at the panel before they enter your home. As a homeowner, you should have an idea of what power surges are, how they work, and the benefits of having one.

What does a surge protector do?

A surge protector diverts the energy created by a power surge away from your home then out to the grounding system. To make sure that you have an effective grounding system, you must have it installed by a qualified local electrician in Simi Valley

Contact a professional to perform an inspection of your grounding system and then install your surge protector. Aside from diverting surges away from your home, surge protectors also “clean up” minor energy fluctuations that happen throughout the day. 

Although these minor spikes are hardly noticed by you, they can wear down and more sensitive electronics, thus, reducing their lifetime.

How does a surge protector know when to divert current?

A surge protector has a built-in voltage-dependent resistor called a varistor. This is a semiconductor made of a metal-oxide, a poor electrical conductor. Should there be an occurrence of excessive electricity, this semi-conductor inside the varistor becomes a good electrical conductor and it starts conducting electricity normally.

The semiconductor continues channeling the harmful excessive current into the ground for the duration of the surge period. When the electrical current flow has returned normal, the semiconductor assumes once more the role of being a poor electrical conductor. 

Additionally, your surge protector won’t just protect your electronic devices during surges but also when you have a stable power supply.

Will a surge protector protect your whole house?

Generally, a surge protector can protect the whole house once the increase in voltage reaches your home’s electrical panel. However, it won’t provide the same protection on lightning damages on circuits but by the lightning before it reaches the panel. 

This is the reason why a secondary “point of use” plugs and surge strips should be part of your home’s protection plan. Ask your local electrician from Simi Valley about this too.

Will a surge protector help you save money?

Unfortunately, the answer is no because a surge protector is just a gate-keeper, not an energy power-saver. Remember that the power passing to your surge protector has already passed your electric meter. 

As such, it’s already part of your account’s record with your electrical service provider. Surge protectors are only there to block energy surges.

Install a surge protector in your home now

Surge protectors can protect your home from power surges. If you live in Simi Valley and you want to learn more about surge protectors, contact us at Dales Simi Electric

We have qualified electricians who will guide you on this sensitive part of electrical fitting. Call us now at (805) 870-9191 to know more and have a surge protector installed in your home.