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Installing Recessed Lighting in Simi Valley the Right Way

Recessed lights have become common in most homes because they give you the best option to have efficient lighting. They also have a neutral profile in a new or renovated home. It’s easier to install recessed lighting, and it can save you a lot of money when renovating living areas, hallways, or closets. If your electrician in Simi Valley  is installing recessed lighting, here are some of the things they will perform:

Select housing, baffles, and trim

The housing which includes Can Light and Recessed Light housing comes in new construction lights and remodel housing. New construction lights are heavier and feature a frame to be used for fixing from above.
electrician in Simi Valley
They are easy to install if you have enough space above but difficult to work with when attic space is limited. On the other hand, you can install remodel housing from below through the fixture, and they are a more suitable option if you are replacing old fixtures.

When the electrician installs the housing, they will use a baffle, which is an inner sheath to cover the open metal so that it can have a polished appearance. While you can use a simple baffle, you can also install reflective baffles on sloped ceilings.

A trim is utilized to cover the rim of the housing and the hole around it to cover the ragged or uneven edges created while installing recessed lights.

Removing old fixture

An electrician shuts off the power from the breaker before removing the old fixture. Then they will remove the light fixture and the junction box located in the ceiling. It’s important to avoid damaging the wires as they have a short life span, making it difficult to place new housing.

Now, the new recessed lighting requires a hole, and you can use a drywall saw to cut the hole. For effective results, cut the hole slowly so that it should be as smooth as possible. The junction box also needs to be opened and bind the protruding wires from the ceiling to the junction box. Lastly, you can connect and secure the wiring and test the power.

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