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Call an Electrician in Simi Valley when Your Lights are Flickering

A random flickering of your lights may not be anything to worry about but if it occurs frequently, it is a cause for concern. Several different factors can cause your lights to flicker. Some of the reasons why lights flicker are easy to deal with and others will require the help of an electrician in simi valley. The following information will help you decide when you need to call in the professionals.

Faulty light bulbs

If a bulb is getting old, it can cause flickering. Fluorescent bulbs tend to flicker more than LED ones. A bulb may be flickering if you haven’t installed it properly and it’s not making a good connection. Bulb problems are easy to address – just install a new one and make sure it’s screwed in properly.
Electrician in Simi Valley

A faulty light switch

If one light bulb or a series of bulbs controlled by the same switch tend to flicker, the light switch could be faulty. If you don’t replace the switch, it could overheat and cause a fire.

Your appliances

If you notice that your lights flicker when you plug in an appliance, the appliance could be faulty. Stop using it until you can have it repaired or replaced. If you use a number of high-demand appliances, they could be overloading your circuit. If your lights and these appliances use the same circuit, you may have to install another circuit or two to prevent recurring problems.

Your circuit breaker

If your flickering lights are caused by problems with your circuit breaker, you will need to call out an electrician. Business owners and homeowners in the Simi Valley, California use the professional team of electricians from Simi Valley Electrical to quickly diagnose and fix electrical issues, such as faulty circuits.

Of course, your flickering lights could be caused by a temporary problem with your electricity supply from your electric company. If your neighbors have the same problem, you will need to call your electric company.

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