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Hire an Electrician in Simi Valley Before Spring Ends

When the weather becomes colder, more electrical dangers can occur due to the use of heating appliances and other devices. Here are some of the ways you can protect your family from electrical hazards before the approach of winter.

Electric blankets by an Electrician in Simi Valley

There’s nothing better than climbing into a bed that’s already warm thanks to an electric blanket. Your blanket has probably been stored away during the summer and spring months. When you take it out to use it again, you need to examine it carefully and make sure it’s not showing too many signs of wear and tear.

You may need to replace it if you’ve been using it consistently for a number of years. You should always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using it or you may just wake up with a fire in your bed.
An Electrician in Simi Valley


The shorter days of winter mean that you start using your lights at an earlier hour and more often. One rule to follow with lighting is not to use a light bulb with a higher watt capacity that is compatible with the appliance or lamp in which you’re using it. Make sure you replace any light bulbs that don’t work before winter sets in.

When it comes to electricity, you should never cut any corners. If you have any doubts about your lighting and think you may need some repairs or rewiring, call in an electrician in Simi Valley. You don’t want faulty electrical work to put you at risk. Professional electricians who live and work in Simi Valley can check your home and set your mind at ease. They are able to give you a free on-site estimate for any work that you need done.

Space heaters

If a space heater is old and it hasn’t been stored properly, the wiring may become brittle. If it has been covered with heavier items in your garage or stored in a shed without insulation, you will need to check carefully for any damage before using it.

When using a space heater, pay careful attention to what surrounds it. Can it be easily knocked over by a kid or a dog? Is there anything flammable close to it, such as a curtain?

Electrical appliances (toasters etc.)

Most electrical appliances are perfectly safe when they used by responsible adults. Children should be discouraged from using them without adult supervision until they’re ready to take responsibility. You can make this call when you believe they are at the right age not to cause damage.

Without being able to keep warm and cozy, winter would be an unpleasant experience in the Simi Valley. Think about some of the electrical dangers that could occur and make sure you’re well prepared in advance.

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