Electrical Wiring Issues in Simi Valley

How to Fix Common Electrical Wiring Issues in Simi Valley?

Electrical wiring in Simi Valley can cause issues. It is especially true in old houses or apartments.In a report last year, an old house built in 1909 was on fire. The cause was that the outdated knob-and-tube wiring overheated and ignited after it made contact with the insulation.Fires like that incident are dangerous because of the antiquated wiring. The worse thing about  outmoded wiring is that it is out of sight until it is too late.Furthermore, other outdated electrical wiring Issues in Simi Valley could also cause a major problem.For example, the dead outlets with loose connections are already incompatible with modern appliances.

How to Fix Them?

Install Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms must be installed in your home, regardless of your property’s electrical system. It is
an excellent way to protect your home from this disaster.Then, replace those smoke alarms regularly. The recommended time is every five years. But youneed to change their batteries every six months.
How to Fix Common Electrical Wiring Issues in Simi Valley?

Have Enough Outlets

Your house might not have enough outlets to accommodate the increasing list of gadgets. It might
even lack some surge protectors that absorb power surges. Keep in mind that power surges can
easily damage electronics.

When there is no nearby outlet, an extension cord is not a permanent solution. Rather, you need to install several power outlets.The use of a power strip is good. But it must have built-in surge protection. Furthermore, it must be
certified by Underwriters Laboratories.

However, an extension cord must never be used so you can plug a device across the room. Keep in mind that the cord can easily wear down. Furthermore, the cord can be easily pulled out of the wall, which might start a fire.

if you think that the current number of power outlets in your home is not enough, make sure that you call an electrical wiring specialist in Simi Valley. Do not take the easy route. A qualified professional from Dales Simi Electric will ensure that the power outlets are installed properly.

It is true that there is a charge in installing an additional outlet. But the rate is just small considering how the specialists can make your home safer for many years to come.

Replace Two-Prong Outlets

If you still have this type of outlet, you need to update it to a three-prong outlet. But the safest way to update it is to call a licensed electrician.A two-prong outlet is common in houses built in the 1960s. It does not only limit the devices you can plug it but it also does not offer protection from sparks and shocks.You may consider an adapter. But this quick fix can still cause electricity to spark when it gets bumped. Instead, you need to replace the said outlet with the modern one. At Dales Simi Electric, we value the safety of your house. Call our office today for free consultation 805-387-2707 . We provide services for electrical wiring Simi Valley area.