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Bare Electric Wires Are Dangerous – Call Electrician In Simi Valley ASAP

Electricity has become an integral part of our lives. It powers our appliances and it gives us great lighting. But the electrical wires can be dangerous over time if they are exposed. Call an electrician in Simi Valley right away to check on the bare wires in your house.

Bare electrical wires are a common problem. Discovering any exposed wires can be tricky especially if it is hidden in your house. If you see an exposed wire, it is vital to turn off the electrical circuit, right away.

These exposed wires can be dangerous if they have voltage and amperage. They can harm you and cause injuries. However, if there is no electricity present, the bare wires pose no threat.

Furthermore, electrical wires have a less level of protection from electrocution. Thus, it is vital to fixing them immediately.

Find The Electrical Circuit

Do not turn off all electrical circuit though. Rather, identify which circuit the exposed wire is on. From there, you can disconnect it.

It allows you to work safely without having to deal with the possible electric shock. Before touching anything, our electrician in Simi Valley recommends turning off the circuit before touching anything.
Bare Electric Wires Are Dangerous - Call Electrician In Simi Valley ASAP

Segregate It

Separating the bare wire can give you an idea of what caused the exposure. If there is a puncture in its insulation, look for nails and other hazards. For loose connection, look at how the wire was pulled from.

Use Electrical Tape

This tape has low conductivity. It is also durable so it can endure a lot of wear and tear. However, if the cuts in the wires are larger, you will have to cut the wire. Then, connect them through wire nuts. Never use electrical tape if the insulation is compromised.

Reconnect Loose Connections

Electrical connections, like switches and outlets, can become loose. As a result, they can cause connectivity issues.

They are also a fire hazard. To ensure that they do not come loose again, you need to connect and tighten them properly.

Unfortunately, even if you reconnect them, they can still flex and move, leading to loosening connections. It is one of the problems with aluminum wiring.

Call A Qualified Electrician In Simi Valley

It is true that you can easily fix the bare wires using electrical tape. However, if the wiring is complex, you need to call for a professional electrician. Never do something electrical work that you are not sure of to prevent electrocution.

If you are not sure what to do, though, it is best to ask the recommendation of a professional electrician. Here at Dales Simi Electric, we receive quite a lot of requests about bare wires.

No matter how tiny those bare wires are, you need to prevent yourself from getting injured. Our electrician in Simi Valley will visit your house to update your home’s electrical wiring.

Pretty sure that you will not have just one bare wire. Without you knowing it, there can be plenty of them hidden in your house.

Our electrician Simi Valley team will find those exposed wires and fix them. Call 805-387-2707 for assistance.