Electrical Wiring In Simi Valley

Is Your Office Electrical Wiring In Simi Valley A Fire Hazard?

Office fire hazards can affect your business. Fires can result in data loss, not just lives. Since most fire accidents originate from faulty electrical wiring, it is vital that your office in Simi Valley has a reliable electrical wiring system.

How to Know If Your Office is a Fire Hazard?

An electrical fire can happen to any place, even your office. Before your business stops because of an electrical fire, make sure to study these signs that your electrical system requires a safety inspection.

Is Your Office Electrical Wiring In Simi Valley A Fire Hazard?

Frequent Tripping Breakers

Breakers trip. They are designed to work that way. Tripping prevents circuits from overloading.

However, if the same fuse blows repeatedly, it could be a sign that the circuit is overloaded. If that happens, you should talk to our electrician at Dales Simi Electric. An additional circuit or line may be added.

Old Wires

If your office is situated in an old building, it could be a fire hazard. Buildings that have been built 50 years ago could have non-metallic knob and tube wiring.

They are a top cause of an electrical fire. Make sure to replace your old electric wiring by a certified electrician of Dales Simi Electric. Call us today for an estimate.

Flickering Lights

Lights utilize electricity. Hence, dimming lights are not an issue. However, flickering or dimming lights could be a sign of an overloaded circuit. It is especially true if there are larger appliances attached to the same circuit. Your office’s electrical wiring needs replacement if the light flickers when you turn on a major appliance.

Hot Outlets

Electrical outlets could get hot. However, they must not become too hot to touch. If they do, they must be replaced. It could be a sign that they are not wired properly.

Furthermore melted outlets could be a fire hazard. If you need more electrical outlets, make sure to add one or two. Keep in mind that adding outlets can be expensive. But it is cheaper than the cost of increased insurance premiums after fire damage and injuries.

Rodent Damage

Rodents can eat electrical wires. If they chew through the insulation of electrical wires in your office, the exposed wires could pose fire hazards.

Thus, make sure to call our electricians to check on any rodent infestation. If there are damages, our certified electrician will fix them.

Electrical Inspection

Do not wait to call an electrician before it is too late. The right time to have your office’s electrical wiring inspected is now.

Our licensed electricians will inspect any problems in your Simi Valley office. They will inform you of any necessary wires and electrical system upgrades.

Having your office wiring updated and inspected regularly does not only ensure your establishment’s safety but it also enhances your office’s functionality.

You should call our electricians at Dales Simi Electric to schedule an inspection. Your safety is our top priority. Our certified, professional electricians will visit your office and check its electrical wiring. Contact us today at 805-387-2707 .